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<!DOCTYPE html>
1. Replace "xxxx" by number of your issue
2. Replace "Issue summary" by title of your issue
3. Put inspectable elements, form fields etc. into the "content" section
4. Add the exact steps to reproduce your issue under "Steps to reproduce"
5. Describe the currently seen result under "Observed result"
6. Describe what you would expect to see under "Expected result"
7. Add your contact information
8. Remove all template comments
Note: Make sure, the URL to testcase.css is
Add the issue number and title here.
<title>Issue xxxx: Issue summary</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/>
<link href="" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/>
<h1><a href="">Issue xxxx</a>: Issue summary</h1>
<section id="content">
All inspectable elements, form fields etc. needed to execute the test should be placed here.
If you generate output via JavaScript, put it into <section id="output"></section>.
If you don't need any content, you can remove the "content" section.
<section id="description">
The steps to reproduce the test case should be described here in detail.
<h3>Steps to reproduce</h3>
<li>Step 1</li>
<li>Step 2</li>
<li>Step 3</li>
<h3>Observed result</h3>
<li>Point 1</li>
<li>Point 2</li>
<li>Point 3</li>
<h3>Expected result</h3>
<li>Point 1</li>
<li>Point 2</li>
<li>Point 3</li>
Your name and your email address (or other contact information) should be placed here.
This is important in the case we need to contact you for further reference.
&lt;Author name&gt;, &lt;email address&gt;
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