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content firebug content/firebug/
content firebug content/firebug/ contentaccessible=yes
# Maps resource://firebug/* to files in modules/*
# resource firebug modules/
# Maps resource://moduleloader/* to files in modules/*
# resource moduleloader modules/
skin firebug classic/1.0 skin/classic/
skin firebug-os classic/1.0 skin/classic/win/
locale firebug bg locale/bg/
locale firebug ca-AD locale/ca-AD/
locale firebug cs locale/cs/
locale firebug da locale/da/
locale firebug de locale/de/
locale firebug el locale/el/
locale firebug es locale/es/
locale firebug en-US locale/en-US/
locale firebug es-AR locale/es-AR/
locale firebug es-ES locale/es-ES/
locale firebug fa locale/fa/
locale firebug fr locale/fr/
locale firebug he locale/he/
locale firebug hr-HR locale/hr-HR/
locale firebug hu-HU locale/hu-HU/
locale firebug hy-AM locale/hy-AM/
locale firebug is-IS locale/is-IS/
locale firebug it locale/it/
locale firebug ja-JP locale/ja-JP/
locale firebug ko-KR locale/ko-KR/
locale firebug nl locale/nl/
locale firebug pl locale/pl/
locale firebug pt-BR locale/pt-BR/
locale firebug pt-PT locale/pt-PT/
locale firebug ro-RO locale/ro-RO/
locale firebug ru-RU locale/ru/
locale firebug sk-SK locale/sk-SK/
locale firebug sl-SI locale/sl-SI/
locale firebug sr locale/sr/
locale firebug sv-SE locale/sv-SE/
locale firebug tr locale/tr/
locale firebug uk-UA locale/uk-UA/
locale firebug vi locale/vi/
locale firebug zh-CN locale/zh-CN/
locale firebug zh-TW locale/zh-TW/
#overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul chrome://firebug/content/browserOverlay.xul
#overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul chrome://firebug/content/firefox/browserOverlayWithFrame.xul
#overlay chrome://global/content/customizeToolbar.xul chrome://firebug/content/firefox/start-button/customizeToolbarOverlay.xul
#overlay chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/about.xul chrome://firebug/content/firefox/aboutOverlay.xul
# Sea Monkey
#overlay chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul chrome://firebug/content/browserOverlay.xul
#overlay chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul chrome://firebug/content/firefox/browserOverlayWithFrame.xul
# Support for Mac
override chrome://firebug/skin/debugger.css chrome://firebug/skin/mac/debugger.css os=Darwin
override chrome://firebug-os/skin/firebug.css chrome://firebug/skin/mac/firebug.css os=Darwin
override chrome://firebug-os/skin/panel.css chrome://firebug/skin/mac/panel.css os=Darwin
override chrome://firebug-os/skin/window.css chrome://firebug/skin/mac/window.css os=Darwin
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