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Fix labels wording (Cookies panel)

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1 parent 217a1e9 commit 0423e62c707a5350370123dcb92ec3b71332f0fb @janodvarko janodvarko committed Jun 8, 2012
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@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@
# firecookie.export.Export_For_Site, firecookie.export.Export_For_Site_Tooltip): Labels and
# tooltips for exporting menus available under Cookies menus.
firecookie.export.Export_All_Cookies=Export All Cookies
-firecookie.export.Export_All_Cookies_Tooltip=Export all browser cookies into cookies.txt file
+firecookie.export.Export_All_Cookies_Tooltip=Export all browser cookies to cookies.txt file
firecookie.export.Export_For_Site=Export Cookies For This Site
firecookie.export.Export_For_Site_Tooltip=Export cookies for %S into cookies.txt file
@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ firecookie.ToolsTooltip=Tools
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (firecookie.ViewAll, firecookie.ViewAllTooltip) Label and tooltip for
# view all cookies menu item (Tools menu). This action opens Firefox built-in cookie manager window.
firecookie.ViewAll=Show All Cookies
-firecookie.ViewAllTooltip=Open Cookie Manager
+firecookie.ViewAllTooltip=Open the built-in Cookie Manager
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (firecookie.ViewExceptions, firecookie.ViewExceptionsTooltip) Label and
# tooltip for Site Permissions menu item (Tools menu). This action opens Firefox built-in

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