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Removed test for 5711 again (not ready yet)

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1 parent e1d4127 commit 1f28b440c83394db8b2560ebd16827adf8df32fe @SebastianZ SebastianZ committed with janodvarko Jul 31, 2012
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  1. +0 −1 tests/content/firebug.html
1 tests/content/firebug.html
@@ -61,7 +61,6 @@
{group: "firebug", uri: "firebug/4553/issue4553.js", desc: "iframe should be content-primary", testPage: "firebug/4553/issue4553.html" },
{group: "firebug", uri: "firebug/5349/issue5349.js", desc: "Context menu in select, radio, check, not work", testPage: "firebug/5349/issue5349.html" },
{group: "firebug", uri: "firebug/5526/issue5526.js", desc: "Open Firebug in detached mode when it was minimized in detached mode", testPage: "firebug/5526/issue5526.html" },
- {group: "firebug", uri: "firebug/5711/issue5711.js", desc: "Start Button is missing on popup windows", testPage: "firebug/5711/issue5711.html" },
{group: "firebug/options", uri: "firebug/options/textSize.js", desc: "Changing Firebug text size.", testPage: "firebug/options/textSize.html" },
{group: "search", uri: "search/netPanelSearch.js", desc: "Search within the Net panel", testPage: "search/netVictim.htm" },
{group: "search", uri: "search/scriptPanelSearch.js", desc: "Search within the Script panel" },

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