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Issue 5316: Break on HTML mutation works only if the HTML panel is se…

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1 parent 924a2d9 commit 27b2d859da1f2513951a491f29aeb9c3c0eb216c @janodvarko janodvarko committed
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −1 extension/content/firebug/html/htmlPanel.js
5 extension/content/firebug/html/htmlPanel.js
@@ -1160,7 +1160,10 @@ Firebug.HTMLPanel.prototype = Obj.extend(WalkingPanel,
Events.removeEventListener(this.panelNode.ownerDocument, "keypress", this.onKeyPress, true);
- if (this.context.attachedMutation)
+ // Optimalization: if the HTML panel isn't currently selected remove
+ // mutation listeners. Don't do it if there are mutation breakpoints
+ // these should work even if the HTML panel is not selected (issue 5316)
+ if (this.context.attachedMutation && this.context.mutationBreakpoints.isEmpty())
this.context.attachedMutation = false;

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