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Added hint for localization of the Selection side panel tab tooltip

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1 parent 9dc57e8 commit 356c5723c2f04396f855758ced79554c51b059dc @SebastianZ SebastianZ committed Oct 4, 2012
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@@ -1671,7 +1671,11 @@ css.selector.noSelection=Hover CSS rules to preview, click to select one.
css.selector.noSelectionResults=No matching elements
css.selector.selectorError=Selection failed:
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (panel.tip.selector): Tooltip text for the Selection side panel
+# Shown when hovering the Selection panel tab
panel.tip.selector=Displays elements matching a CSS selector
css.selector.TryASelector=Try a selector...
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (css.selector.unknownErrorMessage): An error message displayed

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