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Much simpler help text for include()
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janodvarko committed Nov 9, 2012
2 parents a6e950f + 3f1886c commit 5ad4aff67d20350fa0d7543e4f8369629a692712
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@@ -1543,7 +1543,7 @@$0=Represents the last element selected via the Inspector.$1=Represents the second last element selected via the Inspector.$n=Returns one of the 5 last elements selected via the Inspector. This method takes one required parameter, which represents the index of the element (starting at 0). help for all available commands. a remote script. The first argument is the identifier (the URL to a script or an existing alias for an URL). The optional second argument defines a new alias for the first parameter if the latter is an URL. a remote script.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (console.cmd.helpUrlNotAvailable): A message used displayed to the user
# if registered command doesn't have help URL associated and the user clicks on the command name.

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