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Added tooltip to Selection side panel

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1 parent 26ca1fb commit 8dff7680005a518b99e8643baa6174f44439a61f @SebastianZ SebastianZ committed Oct 4, 2012
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@@ -1671,5 +1671,6 @@ css.selector.noSelection=Hover CSS rules to preview, click to select one.
css.selector.noSelectionResults=No matching elements
css.selector.selectorError=Selection failed:
+panel.tip.selector=Displays elements matching a CSS selector
css.selector.TryASelector=Try a selector...

2 comments on commit 8dff768

Firebug Working Group member

Please use LOCALIZATION NOTE for every new string.


Firebug Working Group member

Thanks for noticing. Did that in 356c572.
Added this rule to our contributor guidelines


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