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Change helper description used in empty Selection side panel

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janodvarko committed Oct 5, 2012
1 parent fb14ef9 commit b2c9f4d19d840e2cb026ff673ba92df7a1e539f8
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@@ -1667,7 +1667,10 @@ help for all available commands.
# List of command names is displayed if you type "help" (without quotes) into the command line.
console.cmd.helpUrlNotAvailable=Help page for this command is not available.
-css.selector.noSelection=Hover CSS rules to preview, click to select one.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (css.selector.noSelection): A help description used in empty
+# Selection side panel.
+css.selector.noSelection=Type custom selector or right click CSS rule and pick <b>Get Matching Elements</b>.
css.selector.noSelectionResults=No matching elements
css.selector.selectorError=Selection failed:

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