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commit eb2b2a2d93deee7691cef6bf274210428985bb31 2 parents 2c65d89 + 5416b6c
@janodvarko janodvarko authored
Showing with 1 addition and 5 deletions.
  1. +1 −5 extension/content/firebug/js/scriptPanel.js
6 extension/content/firebug/js/scriptPanel.js
@@ -1595,13 +1595,9 @@ Firebug.ScriptPanel.prototype = Obj.extend(Firebug.SourceBoxPanel,
chrome.keyCodeListen("F8", Events.isShift, Obj.bind(this.rerun, this, context), true),
chrome.keyCodeListen("F8", null, Obj.bind(this.resume, this, context), true),
- chrome.keyListen("/", Events.isControl, Obj.bind(this.resume, this, context)),
chrome.keyCodeListen("F10", null, Obj.bind(this.stepOver, this, context), true),
- chrome.keyListen("'", Events.isControl, Obj.bind(this.stepOver, this, context)),
chrome.keyCodeListen("F11", null, Obj.bind(this.stepInto, this, context)),
- chrome.keyListen(";", Events.isControl, Obj.bind(this.stepInto, this, context)),
- chrome.keyCodeListen("F11", Events.isShift, Obj.bind(this.stepOut, this, context)),
- chrome.keyListen(",", Events.isControlShift, Obj.bind(this.stepOut, this, context))
+ chrome.keyCodeListen("F11", Events.isShift, Obj.bind(this.stepOut, this, context))
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