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Issue 5963: 'Type any key to filter list' is not allowing type ahead

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1 parent 37c8234 commit d3257566b7aeda3be19671e4590821c70fd9f9a2 @janodvarko janodvarko committed
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 extension/content/firebug/firefox/bindings.xml
4 extension/content/firebug/firefox/bindings.xml
@@ -1293,14 +1293,14 @@
this.filter.filterString = "";
this.onkeypress = FBL.bind(this.onKeyPress, this);
-"keypress", this.onkeypress, true);
+ window.parent.addEventListener("keypress", this.onkeypress, true);
this.onclick = FBL.bind(this.onClick, this);
this.popup.addEventListener("click", this.onclick, true);
<handler event="popuphidden"><![CDATA[
-"keypress", this.onkeypress, true);
+ window.parent.removeEventListener("keypress", this.onkeypress, true);
this.popup.removeEventListener("click", this.onclick, true);
delete this.onkeypress;

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