TypeError: href is null, in async angularJS backend call #7948

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I am using AngularJS as my javascript library.
Whenever an error occurs inside the response function of $http.post or $http.get, firebug shows following error only:
TypeError: href is null
Line 357

Which is pretty vague and I have no way of finding at exactly which line there is a problem.
Meanwhile the native console of the firefox browser pinpoints the exact error on exact line.

Please rectify this.
Will upload a plunkr soon.

yscumc commented Sep 30, 2015

I also have the same problem on FF 41.0 and Firebug 2.0.12.

For reference, here's the associated post from Stack Overflow.


Thanks for the report. Do you have a reproducible test case online by chance?


cha0s commented Oct 1, 2015

Same here. My use case is complicated, I haven't isolated it yet.

fflorent commented Oct 1, 2015

@kicktipp Thanks for the test case!


@fflorent fflorent added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 1, 2015
@fflorent fflorent #7948 Fix "href is null" appearing in the console
The backend may send a null source location in for a frame.
fflorent commented Oct 1, 2015

Another test case:

Enable the "show chrome errors" and "show chrome messages" in the console options.


@fflorent fflorent self-assigned this Oct 1, 2015
fflorent commented Oct 5, 2015

Can someone test this?

Note that you need to download the file and open it with Firefox.


gmircea commented Oct 6, 2015

I've tested the above version, using the Jsfiddle test case: https://jsfiddle.net/L2xacvq9/3/ and also running that fiddle code directly in the Firebug console.
It seems OK.
Firefox: v 41.0.1
OS: Arch Linux

fflorent commented Oct 6, 2015

Thanks for the feedback @gmircea!


I can provide an example of what happened to me.
My page has partially loaded, but then I got this error (TypeError: href is null) and not all backend calls were done. I've opened the page in Chrome and there I found a common error (cannot get property of undefined) - it think this was the point where it stopped. After I have solved my "undefined obj" problem, things got back to normal. The error has disappeared in Firefox.

var routeParams = $state.current.params; //I had to replace with $state.params (ui.router) 
 $scope.filterBy = {
            searchText: routeParams.searchText
gfviegas commented Oct 6, 2015

Im having the same issue as fflorent described. In my case I was having some issues with the app loading as well... i still dont got it what went wrong but i'll isolate the scope and post here if i cant resolve.

gfviegas commented Oct 6, 2015

I disabled the script panel and the troubleshooting error just popped in the console.. I dont know really well how firebug works, im just a user, and it seems the script panel is breaking the script at some point and not properly printing the error in console. In my case I was trying to access a property in an undefined object.

DonSanto commented Oct 6, 2015

I had the same error message yesterday (latest version of angular). Maybe not for the same reason you are seeing this error, but I solved it by adding a base-tag pointing to the app root like so:

<base href="/">

gfviegas commented Oct 6, 2015

in my case there was really a problem in my app, the issue is that firebug printed this href is null instead my app problem... Its not a particular angular error


I have the same issue. When in a code problem there is an exception all the information I receive in firebug is: TypeError: href is null (If u expand it and try to understand the rest of information maybe you die).
Same error in others debugger give more information:

ReferenceError: k is not defined
at _checkMultiPckRemove (services.js?01.08.01:1900)
at _filtersPackageDepends (services.js?01.08.01:1923)
at _filtersMealDepends (services.js?01.08.01:1948)
at _filtersRoomDepends (services.js?01.08.01:1965)
at _filtersAvailDepends (services.js?01.08.01:1982)
at Object.svFilter.executeFilter (services.js?01.08.01:2097)
at Object.svList.updateAccommodationsFilter (services.js?01.08.01:1327)
at Object._notifierFunction as list
at Object.svFilter.notifyChanges (services.js?01.08.01:2298)
at m.$scope.filterChange (controllers.js?01.08.01:4270)

Obviusly is useful last one...We are using angular.js (maybe nothing to do with that) and some weeks ago that didn't happen


It is not only with angular.js
The same problem is happening for me with knockout / socket.io

fflorent commented Oct 7, 2015

The problem is related to Firebug. We will release a new version very soon to fix this.


gattoo commented Oct 7, 2015

Same for me. Thx for taking a look into it/


The problem is not a Firebug problem. Check your JSON encoding or your JSON file and correct it.

cha0s commented Oct 7, 2015

It is indeed a firebug problem, in fact @fflorent made a commit to firebug above that appears to handle the issue (skip null href), though I have not tested it yet, myself.

foodmade commented Oct 9, 2015

Who know how to solve this problem?

gmircea commented Oct 9, 2015

@foodmade Use this try-build and tell us if it works.

pdzugas commented Oct 10, 2015

I confirm that tryout build fixed the issue for me as well. My error was coming from messed up bootstrap-datepicker initialization code which was executed in global script although my debugged angular functions were working well.

jdegger commented Oct 12, 2015

Issue resolved with new .xpi for me as well


That .xpi resolved the issue for me too.


Same for me: new .xpi resolved the issue - Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the feedback. Also thanks @gmircea for pointing to the try-build.



Short description to fix before the new build released:
Close Firefox. Open the xpi (firebug@software.joehewitt.com.xpi) with zip/rar. In the archive go to 'content\firebug\debugger\stack' and in the file 'stackFrame.js' replace line 357 with "if (href && (href.startsWith("chrome:") || href.startsWith("resource:")))". Save and restart firefox...

kinsho commented Oct 14, 2015

Thank you @moellerbj for the fix. Hopefully this issue gets resolves quickly.

loldrup commented Oct 14, 2015

I can't make console.trace give any output. I'm using Firefox 41.0.1 and Firebug 2.0.12 in Ubuntu 14.04. It works fine in windows 7.

I've uploaded a test file to neocities so you can try it out:


@loldrup Please see #7948 (comment)

Or wait until version 2.0.13 is out.


loldrup commented Oct 15, 2015

@fflorent regarding the build referred to in comment #7948:
It works! :D


Excellent ! thanks for the feedback.


2015-10-15 9:03 GMT+02:00 loldrup notifications@github.com:

@fflorent https://github.com/fflorent regarding the build referred to
in comment #7948 #7948:
It works! :D

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub
#7948 (comment).

leobm commented Oct 19, 2015

console.assert(expression, obj) has the same bug in Firebug(2.012).
TypeError: href is null

is this fixed too in 2.013 ?


I can confirm that this error is resolved with version 2.0.13. Thanks!


When will the realease of 2.0.13 be ?


@JeffreyArts Sorry, we don't. We have submitted the new version for review to addons.mozilla.org 2 weeks ago, and we haven't had any news since. We are currently asking again to get more news.



I am really pleased to announce that the new version has just been released :D. Please upgrade Firebug and give us feedback.


gmircea commented Oct 26, 2015

Everything looks good from my side.

leobm commented Oct 26, 2015

yes, looks good. works as expected.


Working fine now, in the new update. Should I close it @fflorent ?

fflorent commented Nov 2, 2015

@mohitadwani I do it. Thanks for the feedback :)

@fflorent fflorent closed this Nov 2, 2015
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