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  • Firefox 42+ required

Update: Download signed version from AMO

Release notes:

  • Support for har-page-ready fired on the content window #10
  • The developer toolbox doesn't have to be opened for HAR export #11

There is a new preference extensions.netmonitor.har.autoConnect (set to false by default). If you set it to true, HAR object should be available on every page automatically (including popup windows).

There is an event 'har-api-ready' sent to the content window. You might want to handle it to know since when HAR object is available. HAR object isn't available immediately after a browser tab is opened, but it's there till you close the tab. So, if you navigate/refresh the tab HAR object is there all the time.

There is limitation if e10s is on. New tabs opened through about:newtab (i.e. clicking on the + button in the tab bar and consequently load the content) don't have the HAR object. However if you open a new tab through a link (Open In New Tab) it should work. The issue will be gone when 1068400 is fixed.

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