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Javascripot notes:

  • savesettings.js is for saving and resetting user settings in settings form

-search.js creates fake data that is searchable for search bar @ top of page

-toggle.js hides and shows toggle bar-icon for page/site navigation according/depending on viewport width/size

  • validateform.js prevents user submission of message user form unless both input fields are filled.

  • radiobutton.js prevents more than one radio button from being selected (note: note yet used in this project)

  • nav.js file hides nav (that has been opened via toggle click event in toggle.js) in mobile view when nav link is clicked on to free up viewport space

  • name-autocomplete.js file creates member data via an array/function then creates suggestions based on names in data/array

  • messagesent.js file -Creates an overlay to house popup confirmation messages for form submissions and settings -Captures the click event on send button that shows/appends confirmation message on click if input fields have been filled -When close button is clicked hide the overlay, re-introduce elements -Shows message that confirms saved settings for message user form -Uses messageSent click function locally to change the inner HTML of $messageSent on #submitButton independently of #messageButton click function, then reload the page to go back to original inner HTML of paragraph that contains/houses all popup messages -function to show message that confirms settings for message user form have been reset

  • chart.js/Chart.min.js/chartstandardbuild.js Scripts for charts with chart.js for customization

  • bellclick.js Displays new messages on bell click event

  • alert.js Pop up that alerts user that there are unread messages in app inbox + adds class ".selected" to buttons in Traffic table

  • app.js file contains all of the JS files in this project that have been pipe to app.js via gulpfile.js.


Take a mockup and a few icons and build a beautiful, web dashboard complete with JavaScript-driven charts and graphs.



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