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Control NetworkManager via dmenu
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Small script to manage NetworkManager connections with dmenu instead of nm-applet


  • Connect to existing NetworkManager wifi or wired connections
  • Connect to new wifi connections. Requests passphrase if required
  • Connect to _existing_ VPN connections
  • Enable/Disable networking
  • Launch nm-connection-editor GUI


  • MIT


  1. Python 2.7+ or 3.2+
  2. NetworkManager
  3. Dmenu. Basic support is included for Rofi, but most Rofi configuration/theming should be done via Xresources.
  4. (optional) The network-manager-applet package (in order to launch the GUI connection editor, if desired. The nm-applet does _not_ need to be started.)


  • If using networkmanager < version 0.9.10 you _must_ checkout the 'networkmanager-0.9.8' branch. Some of the nmcli terminology changed with 0.9.10 and is _not_ compatible with previous versions.
  • Set your dmenu_command in config.ini if it's not 'dmenu' (for example dmenu_run or rofi). The alternate command should still respect the -l, -p and -i flags.
  • To customize dmenu appearance, copy config.ini.example to ~/.config/networkmanager-dmenu/config.ini and edit.
  • Set default terminal (xterm, urxvtc, etc.) command in config.ini if desired.
  • If using Rofi, you can try some of the command line options in config.ini, but I haven't tested most of them so I'd suggest configuring via .Xresources where possible.
  • Copy script somewhere in $PATH
  • If desired, copy the nmcli_dmenu.desktop to /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications.
  • If you want to run the script as $USER instead of ROOT, set PolicyKit permissions. The script is usable for connecting to pre-existing connections without setting these, but you won't be able to enable/disable networking or add new connections.



  • Run script or bind to keystroke combination


  1. Add ability to delete connections
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