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Firecracker Charter


Our mission is to enable secure, multi-tenant, minimal-overhead execution of container and function workloads.

Tenets (unless you know better ones)

These tenets guide Firecracker's development:

  1. Built-In Security: We provide compute security barriers that enable multi-tenant workloads, and cannot be mistakenly disabled by customers. Customer workloads are simultaneously considered sacred (shall not be touched) and malicious (shall be defended against).
  2. Light-weight Virtualization: We focus on transient or stateless workloads over long-running or persistent workloads. Firecracker's hardware resources overhead is known and guaranteed.
  3. Minimalist in Features: If it's not clearly required for our mission, we won't build it. We maintain a single implementation per capability.
  4. Compute Oversubscription: All of the hardware compute resources exposed by Firecracker to guests can be securely oversubscribed.

Contributions & Project Roles

All contributions must align with this charter and follow Firecracker's contribution process.

Firecracker maintainers merge contributions into the master branch and create Firecracker releases. Maintainers are also subject to the mission and tenets outlined above. Anyone may submit and review contributions.