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A collection of numerical models for fluid flow simulation, using the Firedrake performance-portable automated solution framework.

Documentation Status


Firedrake-Fluids depends on:

  • Firedrake
  • firedrake-adjoint (part of the dolfin-adjoint package)
  • libspud
  • pytest (optional, but required to run make test)
  • gmsh (optional, but required to run some tests)
  • Sphinx (optional, but required to build the documentation from source)

Note that the codebase is designed to run on the Linux operating system. All development and testing of Firedrake-Fluids is done on the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Quick start

  • Install the Firedrake-Fluids Python module using
sudo python install

Alternatively, append the firedrake_fluids directory to your PYTHONPATH environment variable using e.g.:

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/home/christian/firedrake-fluids/firedrake_fluids
  • Run the tests (which are located in the tests directory) using
make test

from the Firedrake-Fluids base directory, to ensure that Firedrake-Fluids is working properly.

  • You can setup a new shallow water simulation using Diamond, which comes with the libspud dependency.
diamond -s schemas/shallow_water.rng my_new_simulation_setup_file.swml
  • Run the simulation using
python firedrake_fluids/ my_new_simulation_setup_file.swml


The Firedrake-Fluids documentation can be compiled using Sphinx by running

make html

from the Firedrake-Fluids docs directory. Alternatively, the latest version of the documentation can be viewed here.


To cite Firedrake-Fluids, please use:

C. T. Jacobs and M. D. Piggott (2015). Firedrake-Fluids v0.1: numerical modelling of shallow water flows using an automated solution framework, Geoscientific Model Development 8(3):533-547, DOI:10.5194/gmd-8-533-2015.

Build status

Buildbot is used to perform automated testing of Firedrake-Fluids each time a change is made to the codebase. The current status of the master branch can be found here.


If you have any questions about Firedrake-Fluids, please send an email to


Firedrake-Fluids is released under the GNU General Public License. Please see the file called COPYING for more information.