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-= SilkETW & SilkService v0.8 =-
* Bug fix:
* Bug fix:
-= SilkETW & SilkService v0.7 =-
* SilkService released.
* A number of ETW events did not capture the process name. SilkETW & SilkService have been configured to enumerate that data where possible.
-= SilkETW v0.6 =-
* Added a compiled release package, to be maintained going forward.
* Created an application icon for SilkETW.
* Included a reference to Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeInformation for compatibility with older versions of Windows.
-= SilkETW v0.5 =-
* Add support for writing results to the Windows event log.
-= SilkETW v0.4 =-
* Initial public release.
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