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Developing for FakeNet-NG

FireEye only:
* Create branches directly under the `fireeye/` GitHub repository, not under a
private fork.

All contributors:
* Pull request comment should bear bulleted list for inclusion in change log.
* After review, but before merging, at reviewer discretion, either developer or
reviewer must update the FakeNet-NG version as described below.

FakeNet Versioning

As of this writing, the minor version should be incremented any time there is a
merge that includes changes to a code or data file. Exceptions are:
* Modifications to documentation
* Whitespace changes
* Adding, removing, or modifying comments

Expressly included are changes that only modify banners, FakeNet logging
output, etc.

Here is where to update the version:

| File | How to update |
| `CHANGELOG.txt` | Increment version, paste pull request comments |
| `fakenet/` | Update version in banner string |
| `` | Update `version` parameter to `setup()` |

Various listeners report `FakeNet/1.3` as their version. As of this writing,
this is disregarded; only the banner, changelog, and setuptools versions are
updated. A future change should be issued to induce listeners to pull their
version number from a central location or not to report a version number at

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