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@htnhan htnhan released this Nov 29, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

Bug Fix:

  • sysinternals.flare: now creates the proper shortcuts on x86 systems
  • processhacker.flare: now updates properly + checksum update
  • fix typo
  • vim.flare now installs properly on x86 systems
  • hashmyfiles.flare now installs correctly
  • FLARE VM now installs properly on windows 10
  • Use pycryptodome instead of pycrypto
  • various packages may fail when PowerShell fails to copy files
  • various packages missing binaries (zip, dll, msi, etc)


  • 7zip.flare downgraded to 15.05 to support NSIS installer
  • pestudio.flare: checksum update
  • notepadplusplus.flare no longer auto updates
  • die.flare: new version

New packages:

  • flarevm.installer_dev.ps1 for internal testing
  • volatiilty.flare: memory forensic framework (x64 systems only)
  • kali_windowsbinaries.flare: windows binaries for kali linux
  • rundotnetdll.flare: similar to rundll32.exe to run .NET dll
  • dnsd.flare: dotnet String Decoder
  • farmanager.flare: command line file and archive manager
  • metasploit.flare: Metasploit framework
  • libraries.python2.flare: python2 libraries, needed by vivisect, floss, flare-qdb and fakenet-ng
  • libraries.python3.flare: python3 libraries
  • nmap.flare


  • Update
  • Slight throttle to mitigate chocolatey rate limit
  • Upgrade now works properly for packages distributed as a zip file
  • Improve support for post installation testing
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