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GoCrack Build Tools

This repository includes docker containers that build the necessary components for a successful gocrack install.

  • Current Hashcat Version: v3.6
  • Current Go Version: v1.9

Note: You should be using Docker 17.X and require NVIDIA Docker plugin to run the worker image

Building GoCrack Images

$ make build

Running this will create 4 images:

  1. gocrack/hashcat_shared builds hashcat as a shared library for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) and exports the build to dist/hashcat
  2. gocrack/build builds gocrack using the hashcat library from gocrack/hashcat_shared and exports two binaries to dist/gocrack
  3. gocrack/server will be a Ubuntu 16.04 container with GoCrack server components
  4. gocrack/worker will be a Ubuntu 16.04 container with the worker components and NVIDIA components needed for OpenCL

Current Image Sizes

Build Images:

gocrack/build               633MB
gocrack/hashcat_shared      468MB

Deployment Images:

gocrack/worker              194MB
gocrack/server              198MB
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