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IDA Pro loader and processor modules for WebAssembly
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These IDA Pro plugins add support for loading and disassembling WebAssembly modules.


  • control flow reconstruction and graph mode
  • code and data cross references
  • globals, function parameters, local variables, etc. can be renamed
  • auto-comment hint suport

recognizes WebAssembly modules


reconstructs control flow


parses and renders types


extracts code and data cross references


detect function frame layout (for LLVM-compiled binaries)



There are three steps to install this loader and processor:

  1. install the python module:
    python.exe install
  1. manually install the WebAssembly file loader:
    mv loaders\ %IDADIR%\loaders\
  1. manually install the WebAssembly processor:
    mv procs\ %IDADIR%\procs\

Whenever you update this project, you'll need to update the python module, but shouldn't have to touch the loader and processor files.

This plugin was developed against IDA 7.1, but probably works with IDA 7.0+.


This project relies on the athre0z/wasm WebAssembly decoder and disassembler library for Python.

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