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Most importantly Firefly III runs on your own server, so you are fully in control of your data. It will not contact other sites or servers.

You can :ref:`import from over 2500 financial providers <importspectre>` when you enable the Spectre API. You can import :ref:`import CSV files <importcsv>` from practically all other banks and for bunq, we use :ref:`a special API <importbunq>`.

To manage your transactions, Firefly III offers very flexible :ref:`rules <rules>` and automatically :ref:`recurring transactions <recurring>`.

There is a :ref:`Docker image <installdocker>`, a :ref:` grain<installsandstorm>` and an :ref:`Heroku script<installheroku>`.

And many other things:

Everything is organised:

  • Clear views that should show you how you're doing
  • Easy navigation through your records
  • Browse back and forth to see previous months or even years
  • Lots of charts because we all love them
  • :ref:`Financial reports <reports>` to give you insight
  • If you feel you’re missing something you :ref:`can just ask me <contact>` and I’ll add it!
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