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Firefly III is pretty feature packed. Some important stuff first:

  • It is completely self-hosted and isolated, and will never contact external servers until you explicitly tell it to.
  • It features a REST JSON API that covers almost every part of Firefly III.
  • There are many translations available.
  • All pages feature help texts and support popups.

The most exciting features are:

  • Create recurring transactions to manage your money
  • Rule based transaction handling with the ability to create your own rules
  • Import data from external systems
    • FinTS
    • bunq
    • Spectre (offering thousands of connected banks)
    • CSV files
    • YNAB

Then the things that make you go "yeah OK, makes sense".

  • A double-entry bookkeeping system
  • You can store, edit and remove withdrawals, deposits and transfers. This allows you full financial management
  • You can manage different types of accounts
    • Asset accounts
    • Shared asset accounts (household accounts)
    • Saving accounts
    • Credit cards
    • Liabilities (loans, mortgages)
  • It's possible to create, change and manage money using budgets
  • Organize transactions using categories
  • Save towards a goal using piggy banks
  • Predict and anticipate bills
  • View income and expense reports
  • Organize expenses using tags

And the things you would hope for but not expect:

  • 2 factor authentication for extra security 🔒
  • Supports any currency you want, including crypto currencies such as ₿itcoin and Ξthereum
  • There is a Docker image, a grain and an Heroku script.
  • Lots of help text in case you don't get it

And to organise everything:

  • Clear views that should show you how you're doing
  • Easy navigation through your records
  • Browse back and forth to see previous months or even years
  • Lots of charts because we all love them
  • If you feel you’re missing something you can just ask me and I'll add it!
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