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Firefly Art Grant Core Website CircleCI

Initial Environment Setup

Set up the project with:

  bundle install
  bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=development
  bundle exec rails server

If you are running this project in production you'll need to set environment variables for secrets that include ENV in config/secrets.yml. To generate new "secret" hex values, use bundle exec rake secret. Be careful not to push changes to this file to publicly-accessible repositories!

Email Setup

If you're using SMTP to send emails, create a hidden file .env (it is already ignored by git) that overrides the values you want to set. See .env.sample for an example.

Event-Specific Setup (do this every year)

There are a few changes to make every year:

  • Set the year of the event (e.g., "Apply for Firefly 2027!") in config/application.rb.

  • Check the grant contract templates in app/assets/contract_templates. Each template filename must match the corresponding grant name, so if a grant changes name the template filename must also be changed.

  • Update the template constants (install dates and deadlines) in config/template_values.yml.

  • Reset the database with bundle exec rake db:reset. THIS WILL DELETE ALL DATA, so you may want to make a backup of the existing db first.

Run Tests

  bundle exec rspec

Launch the server

Run the server, which runs on the default port 3000:

  bundle exec rails s

You should create an admin right away by going to the admins page.


I had problems with bundle install not working, and I had to do:

  bundle install --deployment

Static assets look wrong or are missing

You may need to precompile them for some production environments:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile

The site isn't updating?

You may need to tell apache to reload

sudo service apache2 reload