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Firefox Debugger

The Firefox Debugger is now maintained in Mozilla's central repository.

  • Visit docs to learn how to contribute
  • Checkout our dashboard to find good first bugs.
  • Go to bugzilla to report an issue or suggest an enhancement.



Say hello in Slack or join our weekly community calls.

  • Community Call: Every Tuesday at 2 pm EST. Join the Hangout.
  • Pairing: Ask in Slack and you'll either find someone, or be able to schedule a time for later.

Thank You

The Firefox Debugger was built in Github for the first 3 years of its development. Over 300+ volunteers contributed thousands of commits and built many of the features we take for granted today.

We hope to continue that spirit today in Mozilla Central. We believe the Debugger can be a great place to collaborate on the next iteration of developer tools. And, that everyone regardless of background or experience can contribute work of significance.

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