An implementation of todo.txt for Windows using the .NET framework
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This is an implemention of todo.txt on the .NET framework. As far as I am aware, it is fully complient with Gina's spec.

There is installer for the latest version available from the github download page.


  • minimalist, keyboard-driven UI
  • gmail/twitter-like keyboard nav (single key, easily accessible)
  • re-usable library that other projects can use as a todo.txt API
  • API (but not UI) runs under Mono
  • full compliance with Gina's specs

Current features:

  • Sorting by completed status, priority, project, context, alphabetically due date or the order in the file
  • Sorting respects multiple projects and contexts
  • Remembers preferences for the todo.txt file, sort order, window size and postiion
  • Manual or automatic moving of completed tasks into an archive (done.txt) file
  • Intellisense for projects and contexts
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • O: open todo.txt file
    • C: new todo.txt file
    • N: new task
    • J: next task
    • K: prev task
    • X: toggle task completion
    • D: delete task (with confirmation)
    • U: update task
    • F: filter tasks (free-text, one filter condition per line)
    • .: reload tasks from file
    • ?: show help