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FireGento e. V.

Our association unites people who share an interest in Magento. We work together to provide benefits for the Magento community.


  1. firegento-magesetup2 firegento-magesetup2 Public

    MageSetup for Magento2

    PHP 119 72

  2. FireGento_FastSimpleImport2 FireGento_FastSimpleImport2 Public

    AvS_FastSimpleImport for Magento 2

    PHP 135 77

  3. firegento-magesetup firegento-magesetup Public


    PHP 120 80

  4. firegento-pdf firegento-pdf Public

    Generates nicer and configurable PDF for invoices, creditmemos and shippings in Magento

    PHP 101 63

  5. magento-performance-tweaks magento-performance-tweaks Public

    This Magento extension is based on the slides of Ivan Chepurnyi, available at

    PHP 150 41

  6. firegento-logger firegento-logger Public

    Framework for different logging adapters for Magento 1.

    PHP 125 63


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