Demo module for calling FireGento_FastSimpleImport2 via command line
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Demo module for calling FireGento_FastSimpleImport via command line

Installation Instructions with Composer

composer require firegento/fastsimpleimportdemo
bin/magento module:enable FireGento_FastSimpleImportDemo
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Installation Instructions with Composer(Master Branch)

composer config repositories.firegento_fastsimpleimportdemo vcs
composer require firegento/fastsimpleimportdemo dev-master
bin/magento module:enable FireGento_FastSimpleImportDemo
bin/magento setup:upgrade


Import simple products:

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:products:importsimple

Import configurable products:

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:products:importconfigurable

Import bundle products:

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:products:importbundle

Import simple Products with multiselect-attributes:

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:products:importmultiselect

Delete all products in Catalog(Warning : really all Products):

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:products:deleteall

Import products from CSV File:

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:products:importcsv


Import customers

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:customers:import

Delete all customers:

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:customers:deleteall


Import Categories:

bin/magento fastsimpleimportdemo:category:import