Official FireGento Coding Standard for all FireGento modules.
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PHPCS CodeSniffer

This file describes how to use the FireGento Code Sniffer.

Version: 1.1.0


cd /path/to/pear/
cd PHP/CodeSniffer/Standards
git clone FireGento

Note: If your current user doesn't have enough rights to create a directory in the pear directory you might type "sudo" before "git clone".


cd /path/to/module/
phpcs --extensions=php --standard=FireGento src/


How to install PEAR?

You'll find the installation instructions for PEAR in the official documentation here:

How to install the PHP_CodeSniffer?

You should use the following command to install the PHP CodeSniffer:

pear install PHP_CodeSniffer

Why should I use a CodeSniffer for my module? My code is fine!

Maybe you don't need a coding standard, but we believe that a coherent coding standard for all modules is a good thing. It will make the code of a module easier to read and maintain, especially when multiple developers are working on the same module.

Where is my PEAR directory located?

You need to know the directory of your PHP_CodeSniffer install. You can do this by opening a terminal/shell and typing in the following:

pear config-get php_dir

Then you should see a directory printed on the screen which represents your PEAR directory, e.g.


Help! The code of my module is too messed up!

Fixing tons of coding standard problems by hand is tedious, especially on a large codebase. Luckily there is a tool called PHP Coding Standard Fixer which helps you to programmatically fix some coding standard problems and hopefully reduces the PHP_CodeSniffer result.

You can use the following command for fixing some common coding standard problems:

php-cs-fixer.phar fix path/to/module/ --fixers=indentation,linefeed,trailing_spaces,phpdoc_params,visibility,braces,include,php_closing_tag,controls_spaces,elseif,eof_ending


FireGento Team


GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3)


(c) 2013 FireGento Team