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@@ -24,11 +24,13 @@ For development you should do the following:
1. Unzip the entire contents of this package to somewhere,
e.g, c:\dev or /home/user/dev
+1.8. Uninstall firegpg if you already have it
+1.9. Close firefox
2. Put the full path to the folder (e.g. c:\dev\firegpg on
Windows, /home/user/dev/firegpg on Linux) in a file named and copy that file to
[your profile folder]\extensions\
-3. Restart Firefox.
+3. [Re]start Firefox.
@@ -41,4 +43,4 @@ See Also
Several people from the FireGPG community have banded together and are working on two
new projects. One is a replacement for FireGPG that will apparently initially target
the Chrome web browser from Google and then be released for Firefox.
-The second is gpgAuth which is available for Chrome. (
+The second is gpgAuth which is available for Chrome. (

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