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sed only files, not directories

sed will complain otherwise :)
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1 parent ec4637d commit 831e65b1e451039355c3524cb69318f530ba2d51 @evgeni evgeni committed Sep 29, 2011
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ sed -i "s/= ipc/= $var/g" $name-ipc/build/
sed -i "s/= ipc/= $var/g" $name-ipc/public/
sed -i "s/$var-pipe/$var/g" $name-ipc/build/
sed -i "s/$var-pipe/$var/g" $name-ipc/public/
-sed -i "s/\/ipc/$domain\/ipc/g" $name-ipc/*/*
+find $name-ipc -type f |grep -v '/.hg' |xargs sed -i "s/\/ipc/$domain\/ipc/g"
cat << EOF > chrome.manifest
resource $name modules/

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