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-Name: FireGPG
-Authors: FireGPG Team <>
This extension is compatible with Firefox 3 and above, on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.
+NOTE: FireGPG was abandoned by it's creator Maximilian. We grabbed a copy of the code along
+with the domain and posted it here. FireGPG is no longer officially supported.
+If members of the community want to submit patches, they will be accepted, but we will not
+be performing much (if any) testing on them.
+Several people from the FireGPG community have banded together and are working on two
+new projects. One is a replacement for FireGPG that will apparently initially target
+the Chrome web browser from Google and then be released for Firefox.
+The second is gpgAuth which is available for Chrome. (
Build the XPI
@@ -21,4 +30,5 @@ For development you should do the following:
Report a bug
-Please report your bugs on the bug tracker:
+Please report your bugs on the bug tracker:

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