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FireGPG is no longer supported. Please see the README for information on WebPG.

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This extension is compatible with Firefox 3 and above, on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.

NOTE:  FireGPG was abandoned by its creator Maximilian.  We grabbed a copy of the code along
with the domain and posted it here.  FireGPG is no longer officially supported.

If members of the community want to submit patches, they will be accepted, but we will not
be performing much (if any) testing on them.

Several people from the FireGPG community have banded together and are working on two
new projects.  One is a replacement for FireGPG that will apparently initially target
the Chrome web browser from Google and then be released for Firefox.
The second is gpgAuth which is available for Chrome. (

Build the XPI
You can build an XPI for installation by running the script located in this folder.

For development you should do the following:
  1. Unzip the entire contents of this package to somewhere,
	       e.g, c:\dev or /home/user/dev
  2. Put the full path to the folder (e.g. c:\dev\firegpg on
     Windows, /home/user/dev/firegpg on Linux) in a file named and copy that file to
     [your profile folder]\extensions\
  3. Restart Firefox.

Report a bug
Please report your bugs on the bug tracker:
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