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I noticed your project today and it seems very nice with lots of great features (liked a lot the very simple plugin system) but the main issue for us is that we have also windows servers.

Is a windows port being planned or in the roadmap?

Our long term idea is to integrate one of these real time systems with prometheus ( for long time statistical storage and this can be done nicely with the API.

Kubuxu commented Mar 31, 2016

It would require total rewrite of almost everything apart from the web UI. I don't think it is/will be planned.

xitude commented Mar 31, 2016

It could work with the new Linux for Windows 10 integration.

ktsaou commented Mar 31, 2016

Hm... there could be a windows plugin to collect metrics through WMI.

netdata itself is not very linux specific. It needs POSIX and it has a lot of linux specific data collectors (which can be removed), but I think it shouldn't be so hard to port it, given that someone knows how to write a windows service in C and a data collector for WMI.

@ktsaou ktsaou added the enhancement label Apr 2, 2016

Hate to reopen this issue, but has there been any movement on getting Windows support?

philip-ulrich commented Dec 21, 2016 edited

I have to agree with @ktsaou. It's definitely not that outlandish of an idea to get this on Windows and it shouldn't really be too hard. I don't do Windows dev, but unfortunately work with Windows a lot. There is a large audience that this could benefit if there is a windows app made.


I stumbled upon this project about 5 days ago and so far so VERY VERY good. I have a mix of both Linux and Windows systems under management (most being Windows) and a Windows agent for netdata would be simply amazing!!

I am planning on 2 different 'mini projects':

  1. Getting netdata on all my linux-based servers & then pumping the data into graphite (as shown here:
  2. Netdata on a Pi. (Mostly Pi3, but i still do have several Pi2's out there).

Sadly, the dev of the Windows 'plugin' and/or 'agent' is way beyond my skillset - so I'll wait patiently like the rest of the peeps on this thread. To echo both @seanvree and @philip-ulrich above... has any movement happened on that project at all??

Keep up the awesome work on this project!! I genuinely believe that this is going to replace our mix/mash of so many different products. So SO awesome!!! The Windows agent would just be the icing on the cake!!

I also see that you can spit alerts out to Slack too!! Yet another HUGE +1 for you guys on that one!! :)



seanvree commented Dec 21, 2016 edited


So I FINALLY got my Grafana install up and running on my Windows 10 box. (It's not easy as all these apps are designed for linux) So, I got Grafana working, InfluxDB all working as windows native services without having to run VMs. So, I'll re-look at getting this to work.

If anyone is using Grafana/Graphite in Windows I'd love to talk about getting this stuff to work.

I'm pretty good at getting python based applications working in Windows.

I plan on doing some work on it tonight (Dec 20th)


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