@ktsaou ktsaou released this Apr 20, 2016 · 2618 commits to master since this release

netdata 1.1.0 - download release tarfiles from http://firehol.org/download/netdata/releases/v1.1.0

Dozens of commits that improve netdata in several ways:

Data collection

  • added IPv6 monitoring
  • added SYNPROXY DDoS protection monitoring
  • apps.plugin: added charts for users and user groups
  • apps.plugin: grouping of processes now support patterns
  • apps.plugin: now it is faster, after the new features added
  • better auto-detection of partitions for disk monitoring
  • better fireqos intergation for QoS monitoring
  • squid monitoring now uses squidclient
  • SNMP monitoring now supports 64bit counters


  • fixed issues in CSV output generation
  • netdata can now be restricted to listen on a specific IP (API and web server)


  • added error log flood protection

Web Dashboard

  • better error handling when the netdata server is unreachable
  • each chart now has a toolbox
  • on-line help support
  • check for netdata updates button
  • added example /tv.html dashboard
  • now compiles with musl libc (alpine linux)


  • added debian packaging
  • support non-root installations
  • the installer generates uninstall script