@ktsaou ktsaou released this May 16, 2016 · 2392 commits to master since this release

Netdata demo sites: http://my-netdata.io

At a glance

  1. netdata now is 30% faster !
  2. netdata now has a registry (my-netdata dashboard menu) !
  3. netdata now monitors Linux Containers (cgroups, docker, lxc, etc) !

This version requires libuuid. The package you need to build netdata is:

  • uuid-dev (debian/ubuntu), or
  • libuuid-devel (centos/fedora/redhat)

In detail

netdata is now 30% faster !

  • Patches submitted by @fredericopissarra improved overall netdata performance by 10%.
  • A new improved search function in the internal indexes made all searches faster by 50%, resulting in about 20% better performance for the core of netdata.
  • More efficient threads locking in key components contributed to the overall speed up.

netdata now has a central registry !

The central registry tracks all your netdata servers and bookmarks them for you at the my-netdata menu on all dashboards.

Every netdata can act as a registry, but there is also a global registry provided for free for all netdata users!

netdata now monitors Linux Containers !

docker, lxc, or anything else. For each container it monitors CPU, RAM, DISK I/O (network interfaces were already monitored).

Other improvements

  • apps.plugin: now uses linux capabilities by default without setuid to root
  • netdata has now an improved signal handler thanks to @simonnagl
  • API: new improved CORS support
  • SNMP: counter64 support fixed
  • MYSQL: more charts, about QCache, MyISAM key cache, InnoDB buffer pools, open files
  • DISK charts now show mount point when available
  • Dashboard: improved support for older web browsers and mobile web browsers (thanks to @simonnagl)
  • Multi-server dashboards now allow de-coupled refreshes for each chart, so that if one netdata has a network latency the other charts are not affected
  • Dozens of other improvements, optimizations and bug-fixes.

netdata 1.2.0 - download release tarfiles also from http://firehol.org/download/netdata/releases/v1.2.0