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At a glance

  1. netdata has health monitoring / alarms!
  2. netdata generates badges that can be embeded anywhere!
  3. netdata plugins are now written in python!
  4. new plugins: redis, memcached, nginx_log, ipfs, apache_cache

Since netdata now uses python plugins, new packages are
required to be installed on a system to allow it work.
For more information, please check the installation page.

In detail

netdata has alarms!

Based on the POLL we made on github, health monitoring was the winner. So here it is!

netdata now has a powerful health monitoring system embedded.


netdata has badges!

netdata can generate badges with live information from the collected metrics.

netdata plugins are now written in python!

Thanks to the great work of Paweł Krupa (@paulfantom), most BASH plugins have been ported to python.

The new python.d.plugin supports both python2 and python3 and data collection from multiple sources for all modules.

The following pre-existing modules have been ported to python:

  • apache
  • cpufreq
  • example
  • exim
  • hddtemp
  • mysql
  • nginx
  • phpfm
  • postfix
  • sensors
  • squid
  • tomcat

The following new modules have been added:

  • apache_cache
  • dovecot
  • ipfs
  • memcached
  • nginx_log
  • redis

other data collectors

Thanks to @simonnagl netdata now reports disk space usage.

other improvements

  • dashboards now transfer certain settings from server to server when changing servers via the my-netdata menu.

    The settings transferred are the dashboard theme, the online help status and current pan and zoom timeframe of the dashboard.

  • API improvements:

    • reduction functions now support 'min', 'sum' and 'incremental-sum'.
    • netdata now offers a multi-threaded and a single threaded web server (single threaded is better for IoT).
  • apps.plugin improvements:

    • can now run with command line argument 'without-files' to prevent it from enumating all the open files/sockets/pipes of all running processes.
    • apps.plugin now scales the collected values to match the
      the total system usage.
    • apps.plugin can now report guest CPU usage per process.
    • repeating errors are now logged once per process.
  • netdata now runs with IDLE process priority (lower than nice 19)

  • netdata now instructs the kernel to kill it first when it starves for memory.

  • netdata listens for signals:

    • SIGHUP to netdata instructs it to re-open its log files (new logrotate file added too).
    • SIGUSR1 to netdata saves the database
    • SIGUSR2 to netdata reloads health / alarms configuration
  • netdata can now bind to multiple IPs and ports.

  • netdata now has new systemd service file (it starts as user netdata and does not fork).

  • Dozens of other improvements and bugfixes

netdata 1.3.0 - download release tarfiles from http://firehol.org/download/netdata/releases/v1.3.0