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At a glance

  • the fastest netdata ever (with a better look too)!
  • improved IoT and containers support!
  • alarms improved in almost every way!
  • new plugins:
    • softnet netdev,
    • extended TCP metrics,
    • UDPLite
    • NFS v2, v3 client (server was there already),
    • NFS v4 server & client,
    • APCUPSd,
    • RetroShare
  • improved plugins:
    • mysql,
    • cgroups,
    • hddtemp,
    • sensors,
    • phpfm,
    • tc (QoS)

In detail

improved alarms!

Many new alarms have been added to detect common kernel configuration errors and old alarms have been re-worked to avoid notification floods.

Alarms now support:

  • notification hysteresis (both static and dynamic)


  • notification self-cancellation, and

  • dynamic thresholds based on current alarm status


Also, a new alarms log:


improved alarm notifications

netdata now supports:

  • email notifications
  • slack.com notifications on slack channels
  • pushover.net notifications (mobile push notifications)
  • telegram.org notifications

For all the above methods, netdata supports role-based notifications, with multiple recipients for each role and severity filtering per recipient!

Also, netdata support HTML5 notifications, while the dashboard is open in a browser window (no need to be the active one).


All notifications (HTML5, emails, slack, pushover, telegram) are now clickable to get to the chart that raised the alarm.

other improvements

  • improved IoT support!

    netdata builds and runs with musl libc and runs on systems based on busybox.

  • improved containers support!

    netdata runs on alpine linux (a low profile linux distribution used in containers).

  • Dozens of other improvements and bugfixes

netdata 1.4.0 - download release tarfiles from http://firehol.org/download/netdata/releases/v1.4.0