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Yet another release that makes netdata the fastest netdata ever!

This is probably the release with the largest changeset so far. A lot of work, by a lot of people made this release possible!

FreeBSD, MacOS and FreeNAS

Vladimir Kobal has done a magnificent work porting netdata to FreeBSD and MacOS.

Everything works:

  • cpu and interrupts, memory, disks (performance and space monitoring)
  • network interfaces and softnet
  • IPv4 and IPv6 metrics
  • processes and context switches
  • IPC (queues, semaphores, shared memory)
  • and of course all the netdata external plugins

Wow! Check it live on FreeBSD, at


netdata supports data archiving to backend databases:

  • Graphite
  • OpenTSDB
  • Prometheus

and of course all the compatible ones (KairosDB, InfluxDB, Blueflood, etc)


With this feature netdata can interface with your existing devops infrastructure and allow you to visualize its metrics with other tools, like grafana.

New Plugins

Ilya Mashchenko has created most of the python data collection plugins in this release! He rocks!

Improved Plugins

New and Improved Alarms

  • MySQL/MariaDB alarms (incl. replication)
  • IPFS alarms
  • HAproxy alarms
  • UDP buffer alarms
  • TCP AttemptFails
  • ECC memory alarms
  • netfilter connections alarms

New Alarm Notification Methods

Shell Integration

Shell scripts can now query netdata easily!

eval "$(curl -s 'http://localhost:19999/api/v1/allmetrics')"

after this command, all the netdata metrics are exposed to shell. Check:

# source the metrics
eval "$(curl -s 'http://localhost:19999/api/v1/allmetrics')"

# let's see if there are variables exposed by netdata for system.cpu
set | grep "^NETDATA_SYSTEM_CPU"


# let's see the total cpu utilization of the system

# what about alarms?

# let's get the current status of the alarm 'ram in swap'

# is it fast?
time curl -s 'http://localhost:19999/api/v1/allmetrics' >/dev/null

real  0m0,070s
user  0m0,000s
sys   0m0,007s

# it is...
# 0.07 seconds for curl to be loaded, connect to netdata and fetch the response back...

The _VISIBLETOTAL variable sums up all the dimensions of each chart.

The format of the variables is:


The value is rounded to the closest integer, since shell script cannot process decimal numbers.

Dashboard Improvements

  • dashboard is now faster on firefox, safari, opera, edge (edge is still the slowest)
  • dashboard now has a little bigger fonts
  • SHIFT + mouse wheel to zoom charts, works on all browsers
  • perfect-scrollbar on the dashboard
  • dashboard 4K resolution fixes
  • dashboard compatibility fixes for embedding charts in third party web sites
  • charts on custom dashboards can have common min/max even if they come from different netdata servers
  • alarm log is now saved and loaded back so that the alarm history is available at the dashboard

Other Improvements

  • python.d.plugin has received way to many improvements from many contributors!
  • charts.d.plugin can now be forked to support multiple independent instances
  • registry has been re-factored to lower its memory requirements (required for the public registry)
  • simple patterns in cgroups, disks and alarms
  • can now correctly install netdata in containers
  • supplied logrotate script compatibility fixes
  • spec cleanup @breed808
  • clocks and timers reworked @rlefevre

netdata has received a lot more improvements from many more contributors! (it was really a lot of work to dig into git log to collect all the above, so forgive me if I forgot to mention a few contributions and contributors).

Thank you all!