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Packaging Tools

The programs in this folder are used when packaging from within git and are not included in source or binary packages.

For the most part they are used from the git commit hooks (copy ../hooks/* to ../.git/hooks to automate checking and the release process.

The check-files script pulls in *.functions and */*.functions to do the actual work.

packaging.functions contains generic checks on e.g ChangeLog and configure.ac and automates release version, checking, tagging and post-release update.

Programs and packages with specific needs should create extra whatever.functions and supporting scripts in a subdirectory.

The gpg.keys file is a list of keys that can be expected to sign tags and packages.

Making a release

` Just update ChangeLog and configure.ac to specify a suitable version suffix:

empty - final release
pre.# - pre-release candidate
rc.# - pre-release candidate

If it is a final release and there is a package.spec.in, add a new entry to the top of the %changelog section and update: PACKAGE_RPM_RELEASE="1"

The hooks will take over and if everything is OK will tag the release (you will be asked to sign the tag) and then update the files ready for further development.

The release is not pushed out automatically, so if you want to undo it, run:

git reset --hard HEAD^^
git tag -d vx.y.z

Otherwise you can just push the results; the script outputs the required instructions upon success.

Once pushed the infrastructure will build a set of tar-files on the server. For information on how to verify, sign and make these available, see: