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This is a list of the donations we have received for netdata (sorted alphabetically on their name):

what donated related links who donated description of the donation
Cross Browser Testing - donated a free subscription to their awesome Browser Testing services (all three of them: Live, Screenshots, Responsive).
Cloud VM (US located demo of netdata - under construction) donated a VM on their excellent CDN network.
Localization Management netdata localization project (check issue #279) donated an open source license to their Localization Management Platform.
Cloud VM (EU located demo of netdata) donated 1000 USD to be used in their excellent Cloud Computing services. Many thanks to Justin Paine for making this happen.
Development IDE - donated an open source license for 4 developers for 1 year, to their excellent IDEs.

Thank you!

Do you want to donate? We are thirsty for on-line services that can help us make netdata better. We also try to build a network of demo sites (VMs) that can help us show the full potential of netdata.

Please contact me at