Pre-built packages for distributions that do not provide them
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FireHOL packages

This repository is intended to provide pre-built packages for distributions that do not have them as standard.

Current status:

Package Architecture Installs Runs Works
FireHOL OpenWRT 18.06 ipk all ? ? ?
FireHOL CentOS/RHEL 6 rpm all (noarch) Y ? ?
FireHOL CentOS/RHEL 7 rpm all (noarch) Y ? ?
iprange OpenWRT 18.06 ipk ar71xx ? ? ?
iprange OpenWRT 18.06 ipk brcm47xx ? ? ?
iprange OpenWRT 18.06 ipk ipq806x ? ? ?
iprange CentOS/RHEL 6 rpm amd64 Y ? ?
iprange CentOS/RHEL 7 rpm amd64 Y ? ?

Basically: I run the builds but don't check them personally. I update this table when people report success/failure.

It is all something of a best-effort basis, so pull requests to add new packaging formats, architectures, or updated versions are always welcome.


Everything gets built by Travis-CI; tags are created after a package update or new output is added which automatically puts all the binaries into github releases:

git push
# wait...
git tag YYYY-MM-DD-hhmm
git push --tags

Building outside Travis

Clone the repository and run the common setup script:

git clone firehol-packages
cd firehol-packages

Then run any individual ( scripts you are interested in e.g.:


Provided everything works, the outputs all go to outputs/packages. If something goes wrong you most likely need to install a dependency on your build host.

Travis runs each build-*.sh script in order and provided everything builds OK, it builds checksums in outputs/checksums.


  • The OpenWRT builds need ccache and basic build tools (make etc.) installed
  • The CentOS/Redhat builds need docker ( on Ubuntu) installed and to be able to run sudo