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@fireice-uk fireice-uk released this Jul 19, 2017 · 17 commits to master since this release

We (myself and psychocrypt) are proud to bring you yet another xmr-stak-cpu release! Big thanks to everyone who donates either hashrate or xmr as you enable the continuing support of this miner.

New features:

  • Speed boost in low_power_mode
  • Keccak optimisation giving a very small boost all around
  • JSON API for automating monitoring of your miners
  • Daemon mode to work around decreased hashrate when running in the background on Linux
  • Manual AES override (useful for VMs)
  • NUMA support (will make the miner faster on servers)
  • Much smarter config suggestion


  • Donation level is now 2% to support the work that psychocrypt is doing


  • Result errors were counted twice under some circumstances

Antivirus / browser warnings
Unfortunately some bot herders point their botnets to download miners directly from github, which leads them to be flagged by antivirus software. If you want to use the pre-built binaries, you might need to add them as an exception in your antivirus. Another way to prevent antivirus flagging is to compile the code yourself.

If you don't know if you need TLS support, go with -notls version.

For an NVIDA graphics card miner please check out

For an AMD graphics card miner please check out

DLL files needed to run the release (if you are getting dll errors):

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