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To improve our support we created Xmr-Stak forum. Check it out if you have a problem, or you are looking for most up to date config for your card and guides.

Content Overview

Virus Protection Alert

Some virus protection software flags the miner binary as malware. This is a false positive — the software does not contain any malware (and since it is open source, you can verify that yourself!) If your antivirus software flags xmr-stak, it will likely move it to its quarantine area. You may have to whitelist xmr-stak in your antivirus.

Change Currency to Mine

If the miner is compiled for Monero and Aeon than you can change

  • the value currency in the config or
  • start the miner with the command line option --currency monero or --currency aeon7
  • run xmr-stak --help to see all supported currencies and algorithms

How can I mine Monero

Set the value currency in pools.txt to monero.

Which currency must be chosen if my fork coin is not listed

If your coin you want to mine is not listed please check the documentation of the coin and try to find out if cryptonight or cryptonight-lite is the used algorithm. Select one of these generic coin algorithms.

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