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#pragma once
* This setting is a percentage of your hashing power that the miner donates to the developers of this app.
* It can be 0.0 if you don't want to help the developers. The default setting of 2.0 means that
* the miner will mine into your usual pool for 98 minutes, then switch to the developer's pool for 2.0 minutes.
* Switching pools is instant and it only happens after a successful connection, so you don't lose any hash time.
* If you plan on changing this setting to 0.0, please consider making a one time donation to our wallets:
* fireice-uk:
* 4581HhZkQHgZrZjKeCfCJxZff9E3xCgHGF25zABZz7oR71TnbbgiS7sK9jveE6Dx6uMs2LwszDuvQJgRZQotdpHt1fTdDhk
* psychocrypt:
* 43NoJVEXo21hGZ6tDG6Z3g4qimiGdJPE6GRxAmiWwm26gwr62Lqo7zRiCJFSBmbkwTGNuuES9ES5TgaVHceuYc4Y75txCTU
* Thank you for your support.
constexpr double fDevDonationLevel = 2.0 / 100.0;