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Config files from 2.2.0 are NOT compatible. Please use a new folder for the miner or remove all old config files.


  • AMD backend
    • Add compiler cache (speedup startup time) #1131
    • Add new - memory pattern (new tweak option) #1109
    • Add Mesa OpenCl support #1101
    • Reduce register usage #1080
    • Fix AEON auto suggestion #1030
  • NVIDIA back-end
    • Increase Volta hashrate #1014
    • Reduce startup time #1121
    • Reduce memory foot print #950
  • Other
    • UAC prompt will be displayed only when it is needed now.
    • Support for Monero POW change #1200
    • Support for Sumokoin POW change #1200
    • Add command line option --benchmark BLOCKVERSION #1200
    • Native support for different cryptonight forks #1200
    • Support for pool-generated configs (see above)
    • Slightly less paranoid TLS sercurity settings

Pools can now provide the pool configuration

We moved the pools configuration and crypto currency selection into an own config file with the default name pools.txt.
This will allow that pools can create an easy web interface where the user can insert the crypto address
to generate a config file for the users where all fall-back servers are added.
This will simplify the pool configuration for new users.

Monero PoW change

Please use monero7 for full support of the new Monero PoW change. The miner will switch auto-magically as the fork happens.

Sumokoin PoW change

Xmr-stak is supporting the upcoming PoW for Sumokoin. The fork date is currently not defined therefore all sumokoin miner should select the currency cryptonight until the fork height is announced.
The reason is that the new POW will use 4MiB memory per hash.
If sumokoin is directly selected the miner will be slower than with the selection cryptonight but will support auto switching.

Please note, that due to short notice, Sumokoin PoW support is provisional. We will update the commuinity if something is broken.

Necessary prerequisites

If the application does not start properly, please make sure that Visual Studio libraries are installed.
You can download them from https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746572

The miner is fully open source (GPLv3). This means each improvement can be reused by the community and you have always the possibility to verify the source code.

We would like say thank you to the community for the feedback and the contribution to the code.

xmr-stak core developers @fireice-uk and @psychocrypt


Please use the Developer PGP Key's to verify the integrity of the precompiled binaries.

Hash: SHA256

XMR-Stak 2.3.0 Windows Build Checksums

compiled by: psychocrypt

$ sha1sum *                   
3f1634244ccd336f7df581e3c82e1c6ca38ce714  libeay32.dll
538f3bd9dfcafc379e912562bcf343333f5375c7  ssleay32.dll
aca5d4cda42142f60c1b356facdcc1d71e6c8273  xmrstak_cuda_backend.dll
33981c461ce3bb6c0908d19a278d712ba4d24719  xmr-stak.exe
5d82f1f0cccc0e3dd3036bd54f945a872f41cee1  xmrstak_opencl_backend.dll

$ sha3sum *                   
5aeefca7278be1b2706d99bf89fa23646931f881aff8bbca33654eb1  libeay32.dll
6b696caa620b0c6372881b11e503313152b5191c2d5497b26f81ab79  ssleay32.dll
0c12853a03ab73a8f44da03225f658b48d5d8609bf6f3022bc228b18  xmrstak_cuda_backend.dll
cc70ca2d36ccfec5ead42fc91252f978a4bddaf960c156394739d5d5  xmr-stak.exe
47d51db1ac1a0006f5159c080cfa567befc0e6b951ad7105119d11be  xmrstak_opencl_backend.dll

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