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Electron Starter Kit

Install dependencies

$ npm install

Run app

$ npm start

Package app

Builds app binaries for OS X, Linux, and Windows.

$ npm run build

To build for one platform:

$ npm run build-[platform]

Where [platform] is darwin, linux, win32, or all (default).

The following optional arguments are available:

  • --sign - Sign the application (OS X, Windows)
  • --package=[type] - Package single output type.
    • deb - Debian package
    • zip - Linux zip file
    • dmg - OS X disk image
    • exe - Windows installer
    • portable - Windows portable app
    • all - All platforms (default)

Note: Even with the --package option, the auto-update files (.nupkg for Windows, * for OS X) will always be produced.

Windows build notes

To package the Windows app from non-Windows platforms, Wine needs to be installed.

On OS X, first install XQuartz, then run:

brew install wine
brew install mono

(Requires the Homebrew package manager.)