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Forum :

Requires: Java Runtime Environment 8 ( or above must be installed on your computer

Starting Magarena:

  • On Windows, double click on Magarena.exe
  • On Linux, execute ./
  • On Mac, double click the Magarena icon

Keyboard Controls


  • Escape : pauses game and displays options for current screen. if no options associated with screen then closes screen.
  • F11 : toggle full screen mode.
  • F12 : hide UI so you can admire the background art in all its glory!

Duel Screen

  • Right arrow, Space : action button
  • Shift+Right arrow, Shift+Space : skip until end of turn
  • Left arrow, Backspace, Delete : undo button
  • Y key : yes button
  • N key : no button
  • S key : switch between player and AI view

Selecting the AI to play against: The desired AI can be selected in the "New duel" dialog (Arena -> New duel). The difficulty level is the maximum number of seconds the AI has to make a move.

Thanks to

  • ubeefx for creating such a great game
  • epiko for creating the first Magarena splash screen and the amazing color themes
  • Salasnet, pedro1973, and elias for creating beautiful themes,
  • IcoJoy,, for the nice free mage logo and icon
  • singularita for creating the scripts to add over 300 additional creature cards
  • glorfindel, Old Nick, David, Grundomu, jeffwadsworth, Kuno, LSK, sponeta,
  • day5ive, and Excedrin for contributing premade decks
  • mtgrares for the publicity
  • Goblin Hero for providing the images for some of the symbols
  • Melvin Zhang for implementing the Monte Carlo Tree Search AI and general code cleanup/bug fixes
  • IanGrainger for contributing a patch to allow text search in the Card Explorer
  • Rachel for making it possible to cancel image download and fixing incorrect images
  • beholder for implementing new cards and general usability improvements
  • johncpatterson for helping to test the Mac startup script
  • wait321 for creating a deck editor and other UI improvements
  • missalexis for creating an application bundle to improve Mac installation
  • goonjamin for contributing a patch that makes Magarena easier to use on touchscreens
  • Lodici for improving the duel screen and general UI enhancements
  • frank for extensive play testing and bug reporting
  • PalladiaMors, PhazedOut, Aunukia, nado18, Erkcan Özcan, kdesmond, a.benedict balbuena, spartan vi, Braullynn, mecheng, pcastellazzi, rasdel, Tyrael, hong yie, ember hauler, Hector Marin, drooone, jericho.pumpkin, Mike, and Guest for implementing new cards
  • ShawnieBoy for implementing new cards, the M logo, and general image enhancements
  • PalladiaMors for the Portuguese UI translation
  • kannikkiy for the Russian UI translation
  • Pichoro, Acorntail and all at for CardBuilder components.
  • XMage for the ArrowBuilder code
  • for card script data
  • for card images
  • for UI icons
  • for sound effects.
  • everyone on the CCGHQ forum,

Thank you for your support and have fun!

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