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Adaptive_Mesh_Refinement FDS vv: correct bogus entries in .ini files, replace -0.000000 with 0… May 1, 2017
Aerosols FDS Verification: Update aerosol_thermophoretic_deposition cases Oct 19, 2018
Atmospheric_Effects FDS Verification: Clean up input file Feb 7, 2018
Complex_Geometry FDS Verification: add sphere_stress test case Sep 21, 2018
Controls FDS Verification: Add example case for RANDOM NUMBER and RMS Mar 1, 2018
Detectors FDS vv: check smokeview opacities in beam_detector case (in Make_FDS_… Jun 25, 2017
Energy_Budget FDS Verification: remove BAROCLINIC=F from tmix and add vel tolerance May 6, 2016
Evacuation Verification: Evacuation evac_memory test RGBs corrected. Nov 1, 2017
Extinction FDS Manuals: Extinction edits May 22, 2018
Fires FDS Verification: Update box_burnaway5.fds Oct 11, 2018
Flowfields FDS Verification: test cases for wall stress Sep 20, 2018
HVAC FDS Verification: Remove NO_RAMPS Mar 30, 2018
Heat_Transfer FDS Verification: add ht3d_radiation to dataplot Sep 27, 2018
Miscellaneous FDS Verification: add obst_mass_flux series Jul 25, 2018
NS_Analytical_Solution FDS Verification: tighten up periodic boundaries for vort2d cases May 1, 2018
Pressure_Effects FDS Source: Add ability to create complex ZONEs across multiple meshes Sep 28, 2018
Pressure_Solver FDS Source, V&V, Manuals : Rename GLMAT to UGLMAT, GLMAT IBM to GLMAT… Jun 27, 2018
Pyrolysis FDS Verification: alleviate snapping in pyro3d case Sep 7, 2018
Radiation FDS Verification: Add IBM rad cases Sep 22, 2018
Scalar_Analytical_Solution FDS Verification: fix input files for FLUX_LIMITER change May 1, 2018
Species FDS Verification: Add new aerosol verification, remove old from Species Jul 27, 2018
Sprinklers_and_Sprays FDS Verification: Add cannon ball case to check dragless particle tra… Feb 21, 2018
Thread_Check FDS Verification Guide: Improve race_test plots Jun 14, 2018
Timing_Benchmarks FDS vv: fix some typos in the openmp benchmark script Jan 13, 2018
Turbulence FDS Verification: Issue #6385. Add MEAN_FORCING when using U0 May 8, 2018
Vegetation FDS Verification: Minor change to inputs Aug 11, 2018
WRF FDS Verification: Remove old inputs Sep 2, 2017
WUI FDS Verification: add test of simple ember generation model Jun 5, 2018
scripts FDS vv: move Check_FDS_Cases script to Utilitities script directory s… May 4, 2018
.gitignore add GMG and MPI-scaling cases, rework dump-output for ScaRC Dec 1, 2017 FDS vv: use qfds's -O option to run openmp test cases on one node Jan 11, 2018 FDS vv: in debug mode, run openmp benchmark cases on separate nodes (… Jan 13, 2018 FDS Verification: Add additional test cases for MATL HoC Oct 10, 2018 FDS Verification: Add new aerosol verification, remove old from Species Jul 27, 2018 FDS Verification : Add CC Poiseuille 2D Verification test case. Aug 13, 2018 geom scripts: update windows scripts to run geom cases and generate f… Feb 28, 2018 Create for Verification May 11, 2018

FDS Verification

The folders above contain the FDS verification input files that are run each night by the firebot script contained in the repository firemodels/bot. Detailed instructions for running and processing the verification cases are found in the wiki FDS Verification Process.